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Delivery times & availability

Status: 01/03/2023

Online store:

Company: "IT - CENTER" LLC

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Address: HAMID OLIMJON KO'CHASI, 47-UY, Kitab, Uzbekistan

Delivery times

The delivery time for standard delivery is approximately 2-7 working days for a package. We will show you precise information on the package delivery time and the delivery times for large devices during the ordering process at the checkout.

Availability information

We will ship your item to you as soon as it becomes available. We will inform you about the availability status of an item on the product pages. The following information refers to the delivery time of the suppliers to our warehouse. We differentiate between the following availabilities:

immediately from stock: This item is immediately available from stock and will be shipped immediately.

Immediately digitally available: This is a digital software product that is made available to you as a download in your customer account. The provision is made very promptly, since no shipping is required for this product. In individual cases, there may be delays due to internal checks.

approx. 2-4 working days: This product is currently in stock at one of our suppliers. We expect delivery in the next few days or can order the product and have it ready for shipment within a very short time.

IMPORTANT: The specified availability refers to the time when we send the goods to you and not when you receive the package. The information is approximate, i.e. there may be deviations.

approx. 5-10 working days / 10 working days: This product is not in our central warehouse and also not in the warehouse of a supplier. However, we expect to receive the goods in the next few days and will then deliver the order immediately.

IMPORTANT: The specified availability refers to the time when we send the goods to you and not when you receive the package. The information is approximate, i.e. there may be deviations.

probably in / from …: This product is not in our central warehouse and also not in the warehouse of a supplier. However, we expect receipt of the goods at the specified time and will then deliver the order immediately.

IMPORTANT: The specified availability refers to the time when we send the goods to you and not when you receive the package. The information is approximate, i.e. there may be deviations.

Delivery date not yet determined / Pre-order now: This product is not yet in any of our warehouses and is not immediately available “ex stock” from our suppliers. We are not aware of any delivery date.

Unfortunately, the item cannot be purchased online at the moment… &

“Order now / pre-order” is greyed out: Unfortunately, the item cannot be purchased online at the moment and cannot be pre-ordered due to missing delivery information. We do not know if we can offer this item again. A pre-order is not possible.

Welcome to the online returns center

Whether you are a guest customer or have a customer account, the return is that easy:

Search order

The customer and invoice number can be found on the invoice or in the customer account.

Choose return reason

Simply choose between a cancellation and a defect.

Register return

Enter your contact details to receive status updates on your return.

A notice:

Please do not send the goods back to us freight collect.

frequently asked Questions:

Why do I have to bear the return costs?

We assume the costs for the standard return of parcel-capable goods. If the goods you are returning are sent by a freight forwarder, you will bear the costs of the return, which are estimated at a maximum of €99.

What does “We will contact you” mean?

Your goods are probably items that have to be picked up by a forwarding agent. We will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment.

If it is not a matter of freight forwarding goods, we will promptly inform you about your processing by e-mail.

I misplaced my bill.

In your customer account, you can have your invoice sent to you by email with just a few clicks. To do this, log into your customer account. Select the relevant order under “My orders”. By clicking on this you can have the invoice sent to you again at the bottom right-hand edge by clicking “Request invoice by email”. Alternatively, this is also possible via the order overview.

How do I make a complaint about Outlet items?

If you want to register an outlet item for complaint, this is of course possible within the 24-month dealer warranty. Please note that since these are individual items, we cannot exchange new items. We will be happy to send the outlet item to the manufacturer for repairs after receipt of the goods.

What does “return in process” mean?

We have received your goods and will now be happy to process them for you. In the case of a defect, experience has shown that a complaint can take from two to four weeks. Further contact within the two to four weeks is not necessary.

My package was damaged in transit!

Use the transport damage form and report the damage to us.

My (last) order is not displayed!

If you placed your order via “PayPal Express” or as a “guest”, it will not appear in your main customer account. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to subsequently link this order. However, a complaint can easily be registered via the online returns center.

take-back & recycling

Information according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

The following information is aimed at private households that use electrical and/or electronic devices:

1)  “Crossed-out wheelie bin” symbol and removal obligation

All electrical/electronic devices that can be used in private households are marked with the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin shown on the right.

This sign means: Electrical and electronic devices must not be disposed with household waste. Instead, at the end of their service life, old electrical devices should be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste.

You must separate old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device, as well as lamps that can be removed from the old device without destroying them, before handing them over to a collection point. This does not apply if the old devices are separated from other old devices in accordance with 14 paragraph 4 sentence or paragraph 5 sentences 2 and 3 Online store as part of the opting by the public waste management authorities in order to prepare them for reuse.

2) Notes on the possibility of returning old devices for end users:

As an end user and owner of old devices, you have the following return options:

a) Return/collection when purchasing a new device and delivery to a private household

When concluding a purchase contract with us for a new electrical or electronic device, you have the option of returning an old device of the same type, which essentially fulfills the same functions as the new device, free of charge.

If the place of delivery is your private household, you can return it by picking it up free of charge if you wish. A service provider commissioned by us for this purpose will collect the goods. Immediately after placing your order, we will inform you about the exact pickup conditions and put you in touch with the service provider so that you can use your order data to prove your eligibility and make an appointment for pickup at your front door.

If the new device is sold exclusively using means of distance communication, the following applies:

– Old equipment of the same type and function can only be picked up free of charge if it is a category 1 (heat exchanger), 2 (screens, monitors, devices with screens with a surface area of more than 100 cm²) and/or 4 ( Large devices where at least one of the external dimensions is more than 50 centimeters).

– If it is an old device from category 3, 5 and/or 6 instead, there is no free collection and instead the following letter applies to the free return.

An overview of the device categories and the devices recorded in each case can be found here:

b) Return when purchasing a new device and handing it in elsewhere/returning small devices

When concluding a purchase contract with us for a new electrical device that is not delivered to private households and when selling a new category 3, 5 and/or 6 device exclusively using means of distance communication with delivery to private households, there is the possibility of return old devices of the same type that essentially fulfill the same functions as the new device free of charge.

The same option also exists for old devices that are no larger than 25 centimeters in any external dimension, regardless of the purchase of a new electrical or electronic device. In this case, the return option is limited to 3 old devices per device type.

In the case of sales exclusively using long-distance means of communication, the return takes place under the above-mentioned conditions

– from old devices of categories 3, 5 and/or 6

– from old devices that are not larger than 25 centimeters in any external dimension, through suitable return options at a reasonable distance from you as the end user.

Otherwise, the return takes place at the place of delivery or in the immediate vicinity.

In order to fulfill our obligations, we have created the following return options:

You can return your old device free of charge to our central warehouse at the address indicated on the website or to the same address in the store during opening hours.

c) Other return options

Owners of old devices from private households can also hand in the old devices to the collection points of the public waste disposal authorities or to the collection points set up by manufacturers or distributors within the meaning of Online store.

Note on data protection

Some of the old devices to be disposed of contain sensitive personal data (e.g. on a PC or a smartphone), which must not get into the hands of third parties.

We expressly point out that you, as the end user of the old device, are responsible for deleting personal data on the old device to be disposed of before handing it over or picking it up. If this is not possible due to a defect, you should urgently hire a specialist to delete all of your personal data before you hand in your old device for disposal. We and our service partners cannot assume any liability for possible data loss or data misuse and any resulting damage.

Note on the disposal of old batteries

We would like to inform you as the end user of batteries (which also includes device batteries) as follows. End users are anyone who uses batteries or products with built-in batteries and no longer resells them in the form in which they were supplied.

Free take-back of used batteries

You are legally obliged to return old batteries and may not dispose of them with household waste. You can return used batteries to any collection and return point provided for this purpose free of charge – including us: you can either send them back to us with sufficient postage (please pay attention to the shipping regulations for dangerous goods) or hand them in free of charge directly in any of our stores. Our take-back obligation is limited to used batteries of the type that we carry or have carried as new batteries in our range and to the quantity that end users usually discard.

Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries are marked with the adjacent symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin, which indicates that disposal with household waste is prohibited. Batteries containing pollutants have the chemical symbol of the heavy metal they contain below the barrel (“Cd” for cadmium, “Hg” for mercury and “Pb” for lead) if the respective mass percentages are exceeded: 0.0005 mercury, 0.002 cadmium and 0.004 lead.